How to Have a Comfortable Sex

For those who don’t know, it isn’t unusual to feel pain during sex. According to studies, 1 out of 10 women experiences pain during sexual intercourse. The causes of this can range from serious conditions to simple inadequate arousal.  

However, what about slight discomfort? The type of feeling that is simply annoying and not unbearable? This does not always point toward a medical problem. However, you can prevent it. 

Of course, you should not ever feel like you’ve got to push through intercourse. Any pain is too much pain, even if the discomfort is mild unless you are into that. That is why communication is vital. You have to maintain communication with your partner so that they’re wary and can take care not to cause more unnecessary discomfort.  

From using wet platinum luxury lubricant to using furniture, here are a couple of ways to make sex 100% comfortable: 

Use Furniture 

Feel free to prop up yourself with a pillow, chair, or other items if particular positions are difficult to hold or get into. Furniture and pillows are sometimes underused. These things can be excellent positional aids and a lot more affordable compared to sex-specific furniture. However, if you’re able to purchase sex furniture, make sure you use them properly.  

Spend More Time on Foreplay 

A woman’s cervix moves upward, the vagina expands, and she gets wetter as she gets more aroused. All of these things can contribute to comfort during sexual intercourse. You should wait until you really want it. This will help make the process a lot better as well. You should not proceed right away if you feel that you are not ready. As we’ve mentioned, communication is vital. 

Change Positions 

The problem is simply often the wrong areas are rubbing up against each other. That is why you should try a different position if you are constantly uncomfortable with a particular position. For instance, you should try a position such as reverse cowgirl that enables for shallower penetration if the discomfort comes from deep penetration. Placing your legs down can make the penetration shallower if you are in a missionary position.  

Utilize Lubricants 

A lot of professionals suggest a high-quality silicone lubricant if it is your skin that is feeling irritated. This will lower any friction in the vagina. The moisture can dry out, no matter how wet you get yourself, it can never hurt to have more.  

However, you have to avoid particular ingredients. Keep in mind that not every lubricant is created the same. A couple of them actually cause discomfort. Water-based lubricants can get irritating or sticky, according to professionals. Aside from that, glycerin can cause yeast infections. You should look for another type of lubricant if your skin gets irritated after you apply some lube.  

Keep in mind that sex should be comfortable and pleasurable. That is why if you are feeling uncomfortable or if you’re experiencing pain during the process, you  shouldn’t hesitate to tell your partner so that they can change position and stop what they’re doing.  

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